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This site started out as a joint collaboration with Jeffrey Phillips but it was fully taken over by myself, Paul Hobcraft, after twelve months of collaborative writing. It is mine to shape it, to determine what contributes.

It is dedicated to telling the innovation stories and insights that provide the understanding of the value and growth opportunities that can come from exploring innovation ecosystems and the platforms that drive them.

Jeffrey Phillips and Paul Hobcraft have been collaborating for a number of years around their shared passion for innovation. In this time they have developed and collaborated around different frameworks and thinking that is available for all to read and hopefully adopt within their own innovation practice.

This site explores ecosystems, the delivery mechanisms of platforms, along with other collaborative methods and pushes towards the new need of today, to deliver a seamless total solution that provides customers what they are constantly asking for, to solve their connected needs.

Past Collaborations between Jeffrey and Paul has included different innovation themes and frameworks we jointly felt added value to any innovation journey.

This has included “collaborative-innovation-reference-framework” (paper one) that argues for the establishment of the-need-for-a-common-framework-model-for-innovation-management (paper two) and they developed this as a Collaborative Innovation Reference Framework. It can be found at and explores the necessary business architecture, provides a detailed innovation reference framework and examines the different innovation types through a unique lens.

The second substantive collaboration was around the development of the Executive Innovation Work Mat with the innovation-executive-work-mat-initial-whitepaper here. In a series of blog posts, articles and an initial Whitepaper, this fills a vital and often “missing gap” in innovation. Often the leadership at the top of our organization fails to fully engage in innovation, it remains unclear of its pivotal role in drawing together the vision, mission, and goals of the organization and achieving a strong and clear alignment to the innovation activity that can deliver on these strategic intents. The use of this Executive Innovation Work Mat is to resolve this “gap”. It develops a deeper understanding of all the critical enablers around innovation through the leadership engagement that can then ‘cascade’ throughout the organization to align the innovation activity with these guidelines and ideas.

The third collaboration we had together was focusing on “the Interplay Surrounding Innovation” where through two whitepapers ( the-critical-interplay-among-innovation-business-models-and-change and why-innovators-need-a-new-change-paradigm)  and a series of blog posts we provided a focus on innovation that requires an interplay with business models and systemic change as essential in today’s more volatile and disruptive world. We argue that innovation almost always impacts three constituents: the customer, the competitors or markets they are in and the innovator themselves. These all have high levels of impact on business models and increasingly an end result of an innovation, regardless of its initial outcome, can become a business model innovation in itself. The evolving of any innovation thinking needs to recognize the potential change it can create for the external constituents (customers and markets) and here lies a rich potential that often is overlooked. The scope and impact of innovation will need a thinking-through, often in radical ways, as its delivery impact can be significant.

This latest collaboration here has been around innovation ecosystems.

So we come to this our fourth substantive collaboration here. We are entering the world of innovation ecosystems where broader, more complex innovation challenges, through greater collaborations can be achieved. So this site is dedicated to building the arguments here on

We decided to ‘house’ this in a dedicated blog posting site as it can forge a new direction and momentum for innovation to travel.

After twelve months I, Paul Hobcraft, took this fully on to further take out my work on ecosystems and platforms, as it was becoming an increasingly important part of my business focus.

Jeffrey and I share the same belief

For many today, innovation is simply not working, it remains a disappointment for a variety of reasons, especially for those leading organizations required to be seeking out new growth, operating in increasingly volatile and tough markets where disruption and copying are increasing the pressures. Something has to change and it is this recognition that it can come from managing innovation in ecosystems can provide part of the answer.

We believe innovation needs to enter a new era of prosperity.

Incremental innovation can only take you a very limited way, it needs a bolder resolution as we must move from the era of discreet products, There is a need to deliver some changes in the way we operate, collaborate and create. Perhaps this is even more radical than we initially would like but this needs a different set of thinking and growing understanding and here, we aim to provide part of this.

We are finding ourselves in a race to the bottom when it comes to maintaining a competitive edge. As soon as the product is available within ever-decreasing time, it is being copied and any advantage has vanished. Can we continue to chase our tail?

So we do require a different way of thinking. This is more centered around innovation ecosystems.

So on this site, it will be dedicated to telling the innovation stories that provide the understanding of the value and growth opportunities that can come from exploring innovation ecosystems.

These will include what makes up innovation ecosystems and the changes this can offer. We will explore ecosystems, the delivery mechanisms of platforms along with other collaborative methods and push towards the new need of today, to deliver a seamless total solution that provides customers what they are constantly asking for, to solve their needs and give them greater engagement and experiences. This thinking is driven by a need for new products and services and experiences, otherwise, we believe customers will continue to turn away from discrete, disconnected products and services increasingly over time

Shaping and introducing new innovation ecosystems is not easy but it has enormous potential to transform competition and deliver on this ‘seamless experience’ that will be valued and recognized for its unique set of offerings. It can become the unique competitive positioning due to this connected ecosystem of collaborators, it offers an advantage to all engaged in its potential as it has diversity, dynamics, differentiation and distinctiveness in its  design and delivery

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Jeffrey Phillips

Jeffrey is a senior consultant, based in Raleigh, USA.  He is responsible for leading innovation initiatives, providing thought leadership, managing in project engagements, and business development and is today more the occasional contributor into this site

Jeffrey is the author of three books about innovation, Relentless Innovation, 20 Mistakes Innovators Make and Make us more Innovative.  His most recent book, OutManeuver, focuses on maneuver strategy for a business, combining speed, agility, insight, and innovation. He also writes the Innovate on Purpose blog, which ranks as one of the top blogs about innovation.

Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft is recognized for his consistency to champion and informs on innovation, with a specific focus on buildingpaul-hobcraft-close-up-shot innovation capacity, competencies, and capabilities. He has lived and worked in Europe and Asia, firstly in different senior corporate management roles and then managing within his advisory practice.

Paul’s focus today has evolved where he has become far more a transition advocate for innovation, ecosystems and the energy system

Paul is a frequent writer, well-respected and recognized consistently as informative, creative and knowledgeable in piecing together the broader understanding of innovation. He writes in his blogs under the name paul4innovating gaining recognition as a leading site to refer too to exploring and leading innovation thinking.

Paul continually constructs a series of novel and relevant frameworks to help advance this innovation understanding  where he regularly publishes his thinking and research based on his professional advisory, coaching and consulting work at  and

Paul has continued to build out his innovation thinking into different dedicated innovation posting sites around specific areas of interest or require a more dedicated focus, shown here:

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